The new FLOW Water-Jet system with 6000 bar Dynamic technology allows for computer control of the nozzle to compensate the grade of the cut and the diversion of the spray and to give the item a perfectly perpendicular cutting outline. The adaptability of the WATER-JET cutting system, with water mixed in with abrasive, allows to cut through any type of material: steel, copper, plastic, inert materials, composite materials, glass and rubber.
Working range 2000x4000x270 mm. Availability of AISI 304/316 steel, different types of special steel varying in thickness and finish, satin, hotrolled, cold-rolled, polished, aluminium and copper alloys.

Main benefits of Water-Jet Cutting:

  • no heat warping
  • no hardening along the cut outline
  • no metallurgic changes to the material
  • no heated surfaces
  • no smoke or pathogenic vapors

“Omeostasi di Pace” (Homeostasis of Peace) from artist Chiara Pellegrini, a statue in 20 mm micro shot peened AISI 304, created through Water-Jet cutting.

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